Will the sound coming out of my headset be mono or stereo?

Each Headset Buddy model is different, so look for specific information on the product page. Here are a few definitions that may help you:

  • Mono sound - only one channel of sound
  • Stereo sound - two channels of sound (i.e. left and right)
  • Monaural - a headset with one ear, or sound coming into one ear (usually mono sound but not necessarily)
  • Binaural - a headset that covers both ears, or sound coming into both ears

It also depends on the device your plugging into. For example, PCs have stereo sound, so you will hear stereo sound with our adapters that plug into PCs. Smartphone headsets plugged into 2.5mm phones, however, will only output mono sound. Here is a quick summary of the sound you will hear:

  • PC Headset to Phone, Xbox 360, or Smartphone - binaural, mono
  • Phone Headset to PC - monaural, mono (as are most 2.5mm headsets with the exception of Nokia and Blackberry 2.5mm stereo headsets)
  • 2.5mm Phone Headset to Smartphone - monaural, mono
  • PC Headset to USB - binaural, stereo
  • PC Headset to Smartphone - binaural, stereo
  • PC Headset to RJ9 or RJ9 Cisco - binaural, mono
  • Smartphone/iPhone Headset to 2.5mm Phone - monaural, mono
  • If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.
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