I see two items on your site that have similar descriptions and images, are they different?

Sometimes two products that appear similar may be the same, or they may be different. Adapters with RJ9 plugs look the same, but may work with different phone models. RJ9 works with older phones, RJ9A with VOIP phones, and RJ9Cisco with Cisco phones.

Adapters with either 2.5mm or 3.5mm ends are likely the same product. Look carefully at the plug sizes to make sure you order the right one (3.5mm vs. 2.5mm). We list the same product under different titles or SKU to make it easier for you to find our adapters in search engines. For example, these three items are the same even though they have different page titles: PC Computer Headset Adapter for Blackberry, PC Computer Headset Adapter for iPhone, PC Computer Headset to 3.5mm Smartphone Adapter.

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