My Headset Buddy is not working with Xbox 360, what do I do?

Xbox 360 headset adapterThe Headset Buddy (models with 2.5mm male ends) has been tested and works with Xbox 360 original wireless controllers. We cannot guarantee if it will work with non-OEM controllers that did not come with your Xbox 360.

Before taking you through some steps, we should point out that the Xbox 360 was designed to only hear chat sound through your controller. Game sound will still go through your TV or audio system. If you would like to have both chat AND game sound in your headset, you need our Xbox 360 headset adapter kit with additional splitters and cables.

If your Headset Buddy doesn't seem to be working, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the 2.5mm plug is inserted all the way into the headset jack on your Xbox 360 controller and your PC headset plugs are all the way into the Headset Buddy.
  2. Try switching your headset and mic lines. Pink should be for the headset microphone and green for the headset audio.
  3. Test the adapter on a different device that has a similar jack, such as a home phone or cell phone.
  4. Test your headset with another device to make sure the headset works.
  5. Sometimes headsets have a volume knob. Turn it up and test the headset on another decice such as your computer or other phone, then try again with the adapter.
  6. Make sure your Xbox 360 settings are setup for your headset. Check in the Preferences area.
  7. Check Microsoft's Xbox 360 Headset Support page for other troubleshooting steps.

If these steps don't work, we offer a 1 year limited warranty against defect on all our products. Contact Us for a replacement and ship the defective unit first class mail to: 
Long Tail Products 
Attn: Returns 
3005 South Lamar, Suite D109-146
Austin, TX 78704

Please include a copy of your receipt, reason for the return, and whether you want a replacement or refund.

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