Where is my order?? Shipping Delays explained.

Shipped but not received?

If you received an emails saying your order shipped, that email contains a tracking number. Copy and paste that tracking number into a search engine to see where your package is.

**Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 USPS is currently experiencing significant delays in deliveries, and in some cases, losing packages completely. We work hard to ship your order out quickly, but once it's dropped off at the carrier we have no control or information other than what you have access to.

If you chose free shipping or USPS at checkout, then this could be the reason you have not received your order. Please allow 2 weeks for US shipping, 4 weeks for Canada shipping, and 8 weeks for international shipping before contacting us. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

"Delivered" but Not Received?

Occasionally we have experienced multiple packages being "delivered" but they haven't arrived. If this happened to you, please reach out to us for a replacement!

Not Yet Shipped?

If you have NOT received an email with a tracking number, then your order has not shipped yet. While we usually ship within two business days, sometimes an item might be out of stock or other reasons (weather). If your order has not shipped within two business days, please contact us.

What is My Tracking Number?

If you can't find the shipping notification email or don't know your tracking number, please contact us and we will provide that for you! 


We appreciate your patience and support! 

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