Problems with a ClearMic?

Our Headset Buddy ClearMics help those who work in loud spaces - like coffee shops, call centers, airports, and most recently, people working from home! 

The Clear Mics we offer are:
CM3504 - for Bose QC35
CM2502 - for Bose QC25
CM1502 - for Bose QC15
CM3511 - for Dre Beats, Sony, and other noise cancelling headphones with a 3.5mm jack

Here are some FAQs about our ClearMics to help you out! 

Why can't I hear myself through the Bose QC35 headphones with my CM3504?
Our CM3504 is designed with technology to reduce the amount of background sound that the microphone picks up. Because the ClearMic is often used in loud environments, we designed the ClearMic so the user can't hear themself talk (i.e. unlike a landline phone), otherwise the noise picked up by the microphone could be distracting.

If you have an unrelated issue, that the other person cannot hear you, please see this ClearMic help article

The volume switch toggle fell apart when I used it, what are my options?
This issue is most common on our CM3511 and old designs of our ClearMics.  We have fixed this issue on newer and upcoming designs of the CM3511 and other models, so if this happens to you, reach out and we'd be more than happy to replace or refund your purchase. We are very sorry for the trouble and are working to make all of our products better. Please contact us for returns and refunds! 

My CM3504 isn't working with my Mac, can you help me?
Recently we have noticed our CM3504 is having compatibility issues with Macs 2017 and newer, resulting in a lower microphone volume. Before returning your ClearMic, we suggest trying the different ports (USB and USB-C, and we are happy to send you a free adapter), increasing the input micrphone volume in settings, and testing the CM3504 on your phone or other device to test if the product is only not working on the Mac. If the microphone volume is sufficient on a different device but not the Mac, we would appreciate you reaching out and letting us know, please include year and OS of your Mac. Please note: Our products have the best success with generic (non-Apple) adapters. 

There is a lot of background noise still being picked up by my CM3504, what's going on?
On occasion the product arrives with the mic facing the wrong direction. Please remove the foam windscreen and insure that the microphone "bulge" is facing towards your mouth. When this is facing the correct direction and it still picks up too much background noise, the product may be defective. Please reach out to us for a replacement! 

The CM3504 mic won't stop rotating around, what can I do?
We understand that this is an issue for some head-mover users and have a new design coming out to hold the mic in place. If the moving mic is a problem, we will happily refund you and add you to our notification list for our redesign! 

My mic is not working and is not being recognized by my laptop. 
When your laptop is recognizing your connection as "headphones", it is not recognizing that there is a mic connected and will use the built in mic on your laptop. You want to have the connection as "headset". If this is the case, you will need to open the software built in software, such as MaxxAudioPro for Dell and switch the connection type from "headphones" to "headset". 

Good to know:
We are re-designing our CM3504 and CM3511, which will be launched as CM3505 and CM3512 respectively.
New features include: higher quality, stable mic, improved volume switch in more convenient location. 


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